Acquire New Skills And Knowledge Through These 7 Effective Learning Steps

How do I get over this feeling of being stuck in a rut? Why do I feel uninspired and demotivated so often? How can we make a POA on effective learning steps? We all go through these periods of uncertainty. Our mind is jogging in the same place and things start to feel less interesting. […]

How To Use Energy Test To Make A Healthy Choice

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Fact: We can test the energy of the items that are worn on our body such as eyeglass or a piece of jewelry. It’s interesting how objects can keep our body’s energy in balance, isn’t it? Based on kinesiology, energy testing is a technique to check the energy flow in the body through our muscles. […]

3 Lists On How To Improve Memory By Remembering And Memorising Numbers Quickly

If we look closely, numbers are all around us. Phone numbers, house numbers, passwords, ZIP codes, birthdays, anniversaries, flight numbers, hotel room numbers – numbers are everywhere. But with time, we’ve lost the ability to remember numbers because they are abstract. Anything abstract can be difficult to grasp and understand. But not impossible. With a […]

8 Brilliant Ways On How To Memorise A Speech Effectively

“What if I forget my lines? What if I am unable to communicate all that I plan to express?” We may have faced these questions a few times in your life, if not more. We spend hours writing an impressive speech. We fill it with rare information and chosen words that can awaken emotions and […]

Chakra Healing – How To Balance Energy Chakras To Heal Ourselves

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How can we heal our bodies? How can we heal our minds? Is there any way to avoid the side effects of chemical medicines? Bogged down by the stress of everyday life, bodies clogged with pollutants in our surroundings, we often struggle to find ways to heal. Thankfully, the key to healing naturally exists right […]