In this website, you will be looking at different ways to gain, understand and fully appreciate spiritual wellness, in the majority of the shapes and forms possible.


I come from a life full of repressions and misunderstandings… from very serious family problems to negative and criminal relationships, to drug addictions, to self-destructive environments, full of lies and bad habits.

The main problem with my past life is that it left me with some damages, and internal problems to deal with… It was exactly this need to fight back my internal problems, and to heal from the related damages, that led me to this incredible, self-healing, consciousness journey.

I am now a young person who loves life, loves the world and ESPECIALLY loves to help others to be good, to be happy, to be healthy.
The question is: how did I make this change? How did I move from being a criminal like-minded person, to becoming WHO I REALLY AM and actually ALWAYS BEEN?

In my website, which only represents the beginning of a way-bigger project (to help the people from all over the world), I am going to share with you all the information, and personal experiences, that led me into this ‘transformation’ since I awakened.


I think everyone in the world needs help, either with finance, family, friendship, work, lack of happiness, STRESS, own desires’ fulfilment, and the list can go on and on and on…

I feel I want to give my help to people because this is my purpose in life: helping others fulfils me, and the way I want to do it is by giving people the right kind of support, which refers to expanding their self-awareness ability, for them to become their SELF-HEALERS.

My niche is The Wellness, The Wellbeing, The Welfare! And I will do all I can to make people from all over the world achieve their ideal state of self-realization, and style of life they want.


The final goal of my website is to become a point of reference in the self-healing sector. I want to teach people how to be good at life. In order to achieve this result, it is fundamental to teach people the necessary concepts they need to improve their lives.

If you put some pieces of information (knowledge) all together you create a concept: it is not important to remember all the pieces of information that made you create that concept; as long as you will remember that important concept in your life, you are going to be fine.

This is the way I want to help others, as this is what worked with me.

It is in my knowledge that like-minded people have a wider perspective of both reality and life and that this perspective helps them live better every day of their lives.
Thus, my goal is to expand and share this precious knowledge towards everyone, as I do not feel fair that only a small part (or at least, the minority) of the global population actually enjoys and exploits it.


If you ever need my help or have any questions, feel free to write to me below, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

All the best,

Alessandro Cipullo
Consciousness Explorer
Wellness Seeker

Founder of:

4 Responses

  1. What an incredible niche! I’m speechless, but connecting to your words: your powerful story and your goals, to help us connect to Spiritual Wellness.
    I like what you say here – “To become part of a reference in the self-healing sector – this I feel is what my own site is about too.
    Thank you for creating this and connecting

  2. Hi Alessandro,
    Wow, this is beautiful! I would love to hear more from you.
    I sense so much compassion and depth. I feel like we are on a similar journey. Thank you for writing this, it truly sounds like music in my ears and makes my heart smile.
    Warm regards

    1. Hi Anna,

      I am very glad to see your strong resonation towards my words, goals and emotions. Your message fulfils me with love and hope!

      I am just going to PM you, as I really want to connect with you too 🙂

      The best is yet to come 😉

      Very nice to meet you!

      Super warm regards,

      Alessandro 🙂

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