Alessandro Cipullo

Consciousness Explorer. Wellness Seeker.

About me

My Story

I come from a life full of repressions and misunderstandings… from very serious family problems to extremely negative relationships, to drug addictions, to self-destructive environments and behaviours, full of lies and bad habits.

The main problem with my past life is that it left me with some damages and internal scarfs to deal with… It was exactly this need to solve my inner problems and to heal from their related scarfs, that led me to this incredible, self-healing, consciousness journey.

I am now a young soul who loves life, loves the world and ESPECIALLY loves to help others to be good, to be happy, to be healthy.
The question is: how did I make this change? How did I move from being a criminal like-minded person to becoming WHO I REALLY AM and actually HAVE ALWAYS BEEN?

In my website, which only represents the beginning of a way-bigger project (that will help people from all over the world), I am going to share with you all the information, and personal experiences, that led me into an awakened state of mind, that I call ‘best version of myself’.

Why do I want to help people?

I think everyone in the world needs help, either with finance, family, friendship, work, lack of happiness, STRESS, own desires fulfilment, and the list can go on and on and on…

I feel I want to give my help to people because this is my purpose in life: helping others fulfils me, and the way I want to do it is by giving people the right support, which refers to expanding their self-awareness ability, for them to become their own SELF-HEALERS.

My niche is The Wellness, The Wellbeing, The Welfare! And I will do all I can to make people from all over the world achieve their ideal state of mind to achieve the life they want and deserve.

How do I want to help people?

All the content of this website has been tested and sometimes improved by myself. My knowledge comes from personal experience, that enabled me to understand both the positive and negative aspects of every single topic discussed on WellFeelife.

The various techniques and methods explained on my website come from carefully selected great masters of psychophysical health.

My website harmonically connects the knowledge of great minds from all over the world, coming from significantly different fields, with the final intention of creating a framework for human wellbeing.

From traditional doctors to therapists of different natures, to life coaches, entrepreneurs, teachers, shamans, holistic and energetic healers, this website combines them all, providing a full spectrum of health and longevity suggestions, covering all fields of psychometaphysical wellness.

The masters are selected after an extremely careful analysis of their knowledge, teaching methods and results.

Finally, instinct played a major role in my life. My instinct helped me overcome the biggest issues I had to face in my life and is now a tool that I started to develop around the year 2015, the time when I started my new path and life.

To be completely honest, each one of us has a strong instinct that guides and drives us in the right direction; unfortunately, not everyone understands to feel it, accept it, exploit it.

My instinct (feminine energy), together with my determination (masculine energy), brought me here today. I feel confident saying that the combination of these two factors (energies) can transform lives, either mine or yours, or everyone else’s.

I would not be here today if it wasn’t for this strong combination, and I DO MEAN it!!