Achieve Cardiovascular Fitness With Some Simple Exercises

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Do you know how important Cardiovascular Fitness, Mitochondrial Density, and Stamina are for our bodies? Cutting it short, I’d say they are extremely important. Why? Well, because they ensure that our heart, lungs and bloodstream remain in perfect working condition for the rest of our lives. Cardiovascular improvement is a blessing in the form of […]

Follow This Routine To Get A Leaner Body And Better Fitness

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Want a secret of adding some extra hours to your life? It’s stamina! Here is another blog I wrote a while back that can help you boost your stamina. Do give it a read! In most exercise routines, the body lacks the ability to sustain itself for a long period of time using its own […]

All You Need To Know About Exercising

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Have you ever experienced exercising for some period of time, and got absolutely no benefits out of it? It’s just like practicing a language without knowing what it is about. It is going to do you no good, in fact, that might actually harm you, if done incorrectly. Yes, it is important to take physical […]

Stamina: The Secret to The Extra Hours You Always Wanted

Stamina: the secret to the extra hours you always wanted

How often have you felt that you need more than 24 hours a day? Not too many, but just a couple of extra hours to check off everything from your to-do list. What if I tell you that you do not need extra hours, but more endurance and stamina? Think about it. What if you […]

Awesome Foam Rolling Techniques To Heal Your Body Tissues

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Imagine going through the week with all that you have going on, the tiring job, worries about not enough sales, or the code not working well enough. Damn, it’s an unending list. Of course, you deserve better. As a matter of fact, we all do! You know what, I might have found a way out. […]

Fitness Tips to heal and feel great

Body Massage for Healing

We all know that smart work pays off better than hard work. What if we told you that there is a smarter way to maintain a healthy lifestyle? But first, what is your idea of fitness? I’ll say it’s a state of overall wellbeing. Be it mental, physical, spiritual or anything else, for that matter. […]

Essential Crystals Healing Stones

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What are the essential crystal healing stones? I am sure you must have heard about crystal healing stones at least once in your life. If not crystal healing stones, then about something similar to them, such as crystal therapy. Crystal healing stones represent a form of therapeutic support based on placing crystals nearby your body. […]

Brain Abundance – Do You Live Fully?

Have you ever spent some of your time wondering how abundant people live their lives? Actors, celebrities, VIPs, rich entrepreneurs or businessmen, politicians, singers, football players, TV stars, etc. And maybe you also thought about how they could have reached that brain abundance to reach their prestigious position in their lives: in particular, you may […]

LoveMoney – A Hearty Love Money Fusion

I created this article to talk about the importance of two essential elements of our life: money, and love. In my opinion, it is necessary to be able to develop both aspects to have a satisfying life experience. The question is: why am I linking these two topics into the same article? Because they are […]