4 Amazing Peg Word Systems to Improve Your Memory

Have you ever heard of this term – Peg Word System? Imagine you have gone to meet your grandmother and she finally agrees to give you her secret recipe for baking a delicious strawberry pie. But there is a problem! You don’t have a pen or paper with you, and even your smartphone is discharged. […]

A 4-minute Tabata exercise routine that can keep you fit

How about a 4-minute Tabata exercise to have that strength you always needed? Exercising is not just about lifting heavy, it’s more about endurance and strength than just building up your muscles. Strength to muscle ratio is all about muscular strength which should be about 2.5 times your bodyweight. Strength to muscle mass ratio optimizes […]

3 Awesome Hypoxic Training Techniques To Uncover Your True Potential

Have you ever heard of Hypoxic Training? Or maybe if you have heard and looking for some more information on it? Do you ever feel that you have been working too hard on something, and are unable to achieve the results you want? Did it ever cross your mind that it might not be about […]

8 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

healing crystal stones

Here we go again with another anxiety attack or depression symptoms, but do not worry: I have found out the best crystals for anxiety and depression. Sometimes it is reasonable to feel anxious. If you are worried about your next job interview, it is normal to be anxious. If you are working very hard for […]

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy For Mental Wellbeing

Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are the main aspects of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Hello! Have you heard of the term Cognitive Behaviour Therapy before? Or are you in a lookout for one? I am sure you must be wanting to know what exactly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for mental wellbeing is. Or maybe you are in doubt if this therapy is for you or not. Either way, we are […]

Better Sleep: Your Journey to Every day Starts Here

What do you seek the most at the end of a long exhausting day? Almost all of us are going to have the same answer: Sleep. Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is no wonder that the art of sleeping better is so vital for us. That is why I want […]

5 Basic Naturopathic Medicine to Help the Body Heal Itself

naturopathic medicine

Basic Naturopathic Medicine is a life-philosophy for me. “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.” – Hippocrates I like to start this article by referencing a great mind and philosopher, Hippocrates. It’s always nice […]

Ayahuasca Medicine to cure psychological problems

Ayahuasca – a plant for the healing soul The amazing Ayahuasca Medicine is a combination of wonderful plants, that act as a powerful shortcut, to deeply help our healing practises. A brew made from the leaves of Psychotria Viridis and stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, Ayahuasca medicine is a beverage that welcomes you to […]

What are my best Healing Crystal Stones for complete wellness?

Choose your healing crystals stones

How does it feel to be sure about your healing crystals stones? How can you know what are your healing crystal stones? I shared the most essential crystal healing stones in a previous blog, and in this one, I will teach you how to select the best suitable ones for you. When we start to […]

Cardiovascular Fitness Definition: 4 Simple Exercises

Have you heard of Cardiovascular Fitness definition? Or how important cardiovascular fitness, Mitochondrial Density, and Stamina are for our bodies? Cutting it short, I’d say they are extremely important. Why? Well, because they ensure that our heart, lungs, and bloodstream remain in perfect working condition for the rest of our lives. As per Cardiovascular fitness […]