Crystal healing is a natural and holistic treatment that taps into the lively power of crystals to exploit how they impact the human body and mind.

A crystal therapist may put healing crystals around a customer to assist concentrate, direct and unblock energy.

The way crystals are shaped enables them to maintain energies that can be used to heal.

There are various sorts of crystals, based on the sort of mineral they were made from, and the conditions that they developed in.

These differences are considered to modify the impact the crystal has energetically.

Here we will talk about how crystal healing works, how healing sessions work and how crystals can be used at home.

The mechanisms of Healing Stones and Crystals

The kind of crystal, and the area on the body where it needs to be positioned, varies from person to person, depending on their characteristics and needs.

This may vary from stress or headaches to more psychological or spiritual issues.

Various kinds of crystals are considered to have distinct energies and properties.

Simply being and holding close these crystals is believed to influence our own energies onto a physical, spiritual and psychological level.

These mechanisms rely upon the fact that we are all made of unique energies, and when they become stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can result in illnesses.

The assumption is that crystals assist unblock, equilibrate and direct energy where it’s most necessary, gently encouraging the entire body to cure in a natural way.

Crystal healers have an extensive understanding of the various stones, the way they influence us, and how to use them in healing sessions.

Despite the different modalities of crystal healing, the most frequent is to get the customer lie down and put the crystals around them at a particular way.

What are the benefits from using crystals?

Everyone can appreciate these advantages, but if you’re sceptical about the procedure, you may obviously end up disappointed.

On a psychological and spiritual level, crystals might help improve self-esteem, promote clarity and inspire a feeling of calmness and centredness.

The most instantaneous advantage reported is the profound relaxation that occurs in a healing session.

This relaxation provides overall well-being and can be very useful when treating tension and anxiety.

Additionally, it may help ease tense muscles that could help improve physical pain and sleep difficulties.

Crystal healing is a complementary and organic strategy, meaning it may be used alongside conventional medication and does not have any negative side-effects.

The advantages of crystal recovery are diverse and occur on many distinct levels.

Crystals are amazing stones, made to increase your vibrations through their therapeutic properties.

They can walk along with you, research with you and educate you, assist you to build your intuition and deepen your connection with your self and your personal energy 🙂

Crystals are powerful, but not magic!

Some people today confuse the power of healing stones and crystals with magic.

Unfortunately, there is no magic super-power behind crystal recovery. To be honest, they simply improve what you are already working on.

They are extremely interactive and rely upon you being actively engaged in your own healing journey.

It is, therefore, fundamentally important to continue your healing practises, along with the enhancing effects of the crystals.

Crystal Healing Therapy Session

The concept of crystal recovery can easily sound as something strange, but if you are open and prepared to learn more about this incredible field, then you will please yourself with nice surprises 🙂

So how is a typical healing session with crystals?

Sessions are tailored to you personally and differ based on the nature of your issues.

Your session will start with an appointment.

That is when you talk with your crystal about what has brought it to you, and what you are hoping to cure.

Your therapist may ask you quite a few questions to get a complete picture of yourself. This consultation will be about the reasons that brought you to seek for crystal healing, and what you are hoping to receive from it.

This is fundamental since that crystal healing is a holistic solution, which means that it works on all aspects of our health (spiritual, psychological and physical).

Without a full picture, the therapist would not be able to provide you the most appropriate crystal for you.

After the consultation, the therapist needs to apply the strategy he developed according to your needs.

This will include understanding which healing stones and crystals to use, and where to place them.

The patient then needs to lie down, relax, and get ready for the treatment. There is no need to take off your clothes for the therapy.

When you’re comfortable with your eyes shut, your therapist will start putting crystals around and on yourself.

The crystals will be left in place for some time (this can vary, but usually anywhere from 20 minutes to more than one hour).

In this time, you’re invited to breathe deeply and let go of any mental process. The Therapist can remove or add crystals throughout the session.

Many people nowadays confirm feeling different kinds of sensations arising from the body (e.g. a tingle or heat) while others say to not feel anything.

Even if you do not feel anything, you have no reasons to worry, as the crystals already started working energetically on your entire body.

Upon completion of the therapy session, the crystals are removed from your body.

The therapist then gently invites you to feel the space around you: try to connect with the surroundings, relax and perceive the sensations that arise from both your body and the connection with the room.

Normally the therapist provides remedies with crystals, and frequently people opt for medium-long term cures to deeply work on their health.

When the recovery occurs, an energetic detox takes place: negative energies start leaving your entire body.

An example of this can be difficult feelings being attracted into the surface.

This is the reason why it is essential to make sure that your crystal therapist is experienced and qualified enough to encourage you appropriately in case of need.

What can I do at Home?

Is it anything better than enjoying your amazing healing stones and crystals within the comfort of your own home?

Whether it is self-healing or a session with a crystal healing therapist, you can enjoy three different kinds of crystals:

Raw Crystals – Unpolished and uncut chunks crystals, that are not as shiny, as they have not been cut or polished. Usually, they are the most affordable to purchase.

There are dozens and dozens of different kinds of crystals, and each of them holds a particular power and energy.

Tumblestones – smaller polished crystals that are widely available.

Cut Crystals – the finest, polished and cut version of the healing stones and crystals.

How can I use Crystals?

Since that crystals naturally absorb the energy that is around them, their healing effects on you are as strong as their cleaning levels.

There are numerous approaches that can be used to clean your crystals, such as washing them with salt and water, burying them in your garden or jar for one night, or exposing them to a full moon for the whole night.

Whenever your crystal is cleansed and prepared to be used, you may put intentions to your own stone.

This simply means to relax, breath deeply with your diaphragm, and after 4/5 minutes set your intention with your crystal.

Tell your crystal how you want it to support you.

For example, if you need to heal depression, you would choose Blue Calcite, a crystal that can absorb your frustration.

Simply set the intention “I want to feel free from depression, and from my need to constantly think about the past in a self-destructing way”.

Feel as if you were physically sending these thoughts to your crystals; open your heart and let it send love energy to the crystal.

This healing energy will then come back to yourself further increased from the crystal.

Additional Tips for Higher Benefits

Crystals represent nature, and being near them allows us to connect with nature more easily. Place nearby, or wear, your stone while you are doing any grounding exercises.

You can achieve the maximum benefits from healing stones and crystals if you integrate them with any yoga or meditation practices, especially if they are specifically targeting the same issues that you are working on with your crystals.

Another good idea is to place your stones around your house, at your workplace, in your car, or wherever you feel like placing one 🙂

For example, it would be highly suggested to place the quartz at your work desk if you need help to concentrate, or a tiger’s eye in your pocket if you feel you need help with your confidence.

If you clean immediately your stones upon purchase, they will start working on you to the best of their abilities.

You can also bring your crystals inside your handbag, onto a piece of jewellery, or wear it in any other way you like.

Specific Applications of Healing Stones and Crystals

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