Essential Crystals Healing Stones

Crystal healing stones in a bowl

What are the essential crystal healing stones?

I am sure you must have heard about crystal healing stones at least once in your life. If not crystal healing stones, then about something similar to them, such as crystal therapy.

Crystal healing stones represent a form of therapeutic support based on placing crystals nearby your body. It can be on your body, on your desk, in your purse, or wherever allows them to be close to you, allowing the crystals to work energetically on you at all times. 

You have heard of these crystals that have different forms of energetic properties, from which people can receive support. This all works by exploiting the different frequencies of the crystals, each of which heals different spheres of our self. 

If you ever crossed paths with this word, you now know what it means, to a certain extent.

If we take for given the fact that you now know what we are talking about, you might as well have wondered which, if any, of the stones you might actually like, or feel attracted to, right?

Everyone can get energetic support from our friendly gems. The only requirement is to ask for help and support from the crystals! 🙂

We can summarise the essential crystal healing stones as being the ones that can benefit you the most in every situation of your life.

So feel free to apply the information that you think fits best with you. You can also swap crystals, but make sure that you give each one of them enough time to do their job on you, and potentially, to enable yourself to start feeling their positive effects on your body and mind. Let’s suppose that you are packing your bags for a holiday, or rushing out the door because life decided to hustle without any prior warnings. At these times, you can probably benefit  from the effects of the right essential crystals. Of course, everyone is different, but there are a few classic stones that are used universally to help with specific issues of our lives.

Table of Contents

Rose Quartz – To accept and love your real self
Tiger’s Eye – For your inner strength and confidence
Amethyst – To calm your soul and get clarity
Citrine – For more joy and success
Clear Quartz – For mega high-vibing

Rose Quartz – To accept and love your real self

Crystal healing stone named rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of all hearts – yours, mine and the heart of life. Just like its namesake, this beautiful crystal stimulates warmth and pulses out pure and unconditional love. Such radiating and compassionate love is very helpful for you to help you accept and love your real self.

You can carry it polished or raw as a palm stone or a pocket stone. You can also keep it under your pillow or next to your bed. This gentle and peaceful stone seeks to optimize and increase love inside you, promoting love in every aspect of it, and letting you explore love every day comfortably.

The rose quartz behaves like a guide of your heart, leading you with love where it feels that you need to go to grow to your purest potential.

If your ego or mind is causing you stress by screaming at you to move in a potentially wrong direction, you don’t need to fear as long as you have your loving friend with you.

If you wish to feel the love of life and living within you, if you are looking for some romance to cross paths with you and if you would love some compassion in dealing with seemingly overwhelming events, then allow Rose to work with you.

Tiger’s Eye – For your inner strength and confidence

Crystal healing stone named tiger’s eye

Tiger’s Eye is like that added bonus in a game – it protects you and boosts your confidence. It also moves you in a way that allows you to see through your doubts and dark shadows to the point of pure and raw passion.

Tiger’s Eye helps you bring passion to your daily life while helping you bridge any challenges that accompany fear or old doubts.

The red-brown and golden tiger’s eye is like a bodyguard whom you can trust blindly. It enables you to go through your day calmly, with inspiration and just enough confidence. Tiger’s eye also encourages the sharpness of your inner sight, so you are able to see things as they really are. It also helps you stay strong when things are changing around you.

Tiger’s eye is the stone that you need to take with you when you need a stroke of confidence. Be it a big meeting, that terrifying first date, or on one of those days when you are in need of some grounding to the present, and in impending situations where you feel afraid of falling over your own 2 feet.

Let the tiger’s eye aid you with witnessing your own strength, and carry it proudly into your day.

Amethyst – To calm your soul and get clarity

Crystal healing stone named amethyst

Amethyst is a stunningly rich purple crystal that helps enhance the control of our emotions so you can feel a balance on the inside. It also serves as a reminder that when you harness the power of your inner emotions and sensitivities, they can become our lives’ greatest allies. When we balance these, it prevents us from becoming drunk on our feelings or drowning under a flood of emotions.

Moreover, the amethyst allows you to lift the delicate veil between the physical and the spiritual world, allowing you to channel your emotions to the ‘beyond’. The bridge to the ‘beyond’ helps you to seek spiritually and emotionally heightened experiences.

Are you unable to handle a tricky situation? Do you need clarity for making a big decision but don’t know whom you should ask for advice?

Then I recommend you call out to amethyst. She will lull you into a calm and peaceful state, so that life itself can answer your call.

Citrine – For more joy and success

Crystal healing stone named Citrine

Say hello to Citrine – the crystal that is bright like the sunshine and acts as the sun by being a key to abundance. This stone doesn’t bring success just in the form of money but in all forms be it professional, personal or either spiritual. Just like the sun glitters through the darkest clouds, citrine helps you burn off negativity.

It is a superb stone to keep at home for dispersing the lingering negativity of arguments, to help fill your purse and pockets and to nourish you from the very core of your being. It taps into the abundance of your joyful and positive vibrations.

Clear Quartz – For mega high-vibing

Crystal healing stone named clear quartz

Despite being incredibly common, this crystal is not one that you can, or should, overlook.

Sometimes, life goes into turbulence without prior warning and all of us often tend to get ‘lost’. You feel as if you’ve lost your sense of self and purpose. The late-night blues start to leak and stay into the days.

When you experience this discombobulation, you might feel the need to turn to your inner guide and seek something ‘special’ for lifting your spirits. That’s not what you need. What you really need at the time is rippling through the ground at your feet.

I hope you remember that there is a great strength in numbers. The clear quartz – a beautiful and enlightening stone, has supersonic high vibrations within it. Hence, it allows you to rise above the noise and daily chatter and transcend to a heightened state of connectivity with yourself and spirit.

If you ever need to feel life vibing you back, then the clear quartz is, without question, the stone that you are looking for.

Now that we all know the essential crystals that we need to bring with us, it is important to understand which one, or ones, we need to use regularly.

Our needs keep changing, our life is a constant transformation. This is the reason why we need to tune constantly into ourselves and ask for guidance to our instinct, and to our crystal friends 🙂

In this article, I will explain to you how to do it ☺

This is a book that can significantly deepen your knowledge of crystal healing stones.

Have a read if you feel like doing it.

I read it myself: it’s definitely worth it 🙂

If you feel like reading about how to best manage and understand our brain, a work on ourself that can significantly be enhanced with the use of crystal healing stones, I’ve written a blog on that too! Give it a read and let me know what you think of the same.

Please, feel free to leave a message below, if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

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